Southland Rental and Supply Increases Website Traffic by 145% with BuyerTrack

Southland Rental and Supply is a contractor equipment dealership in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Having been in business for over 40 years, current owner, Matt Tullos, wanted to increase their use of digital forms of marketing to attract today’s equipment renting and purchasing customers. They looked to Commercial Web Services, and more specifically their BuyerTrack service, to do just that.

BT Case Study Results- Southland Rental

The Need to Target Buyers Ready to Make a Purchase

As a small business, Matt Tullos understood the need for attracting buyers through search engine marketing. He invested in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive awareness and generate new sales for his equipment dealership. He recognizes the value in using PPC to build brand awareness and increase visitor traffic to his website and continues to invest in it, but felt that there were opportunities he was potentially missing out on when it came to driving traffic directly to his inventory listings. He needed a solution to target those that knew exactly what they wanted and were ready to make a purchase.

His original solution was to manually create PPC ads for each piece of inventory he had for sale and run campaigns to help attract those searching for those particular pieces of equipment, but found that this process would be extremely time-consuming for him to take on.

Commercial Web Services offered another solution to bring prospective buyers right to his inventory: BuyerTrack. Matt felt that this solution would save him time and money and was asked to be one of the first dealers to pilot the new service. But what made it so attractive to him? Matt had this to say, “With BuyerTrack, I loved how it is designed to bring customers right to what they are looking for. It’s a real strong advantage.”

“Everybody in the construction industry is looking for something specific, so if they start looking for that specific model in our designated area, with BuyerTrack they will find it from us immediately.” – Matt Tullos

The BuyerTrack Solution

As mentioned above, Southland Rental and Supply was looking for an easier, more efficient and effective way to increase exposure for the inventory that was for sale on their website and ultimately convert these visitors into customers.

When BuyerTrack was introduced to Southland Rental and Supply, the greatest appeal to Matt was that his involvement with making the service work was to just keep their inventory up to date on their website. That’s because BuyerTrack automatically creates ads for the inventory that is currently on his website, and serves these ads as people are searching for inventory-specific keywords in his geographical target area.

“All I really have to do is make sure our inventory is up to date. Beyond that, I don’t have to do anything.” – Matt Tullos 

The other appeal is that prospects are brought directly to the piece of inventory they are searching for, instead of to a homepage where they have to search further to find what they were looking for. This gives Southland Rental and Supply a competitive advantage in their designated market area, as they are capturing these prospects when they are ready to buy, which means higher quality leads and close rate.

Strong Results in a Short Period

The numbers don’t lie. Since investing in BuyerTrack in May of 2015, Southland Rental and Supply has seen an average increase in overall visitor traffic of 145% and an average unique visitor increase of 124%, compared to May through July of 2014. This increase in visitor traffic means more prospects are looking at their inventory, increasing the opportunities to generate revenue. In fact, Matt notes that this is the greatest advantage to investing in BuyerTrack and admits that in the past 3 months of using it, their sales have been “significantly higher than they had been prior to BuyerTrack.”

After piloting the service, Matt had this to say about the success they experienced with BuyerTrack:

“In just three weeks of using BuyerTrack, I saw an increase of over 900 new visitors to the used equipment on my website. Even in one of my slower months and targeting only my local area of NC, SC, and VA, I was able to sell 6 pieces of equipment and generated over $140,000 in revenue.”

Southland Rental and Supply continues to see success with BuyerTrack in terms of visitor traffic and revenue generation. And combining their results from BuyerTrack with their success with PPC, along with the support of CWS, they are set up to have a very successful second half of 2015.


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