Are You Connecting with Your Audience? Tips on Generating Content to Reach Them

Now that you know how to segment your audience based on interests, demographics, or customer behavior, you can start to focus on customizing your content to appeal to these segments. Generating content may seem fairly straightforward, but making sure you are sending the perfect message for your audience takes a little more time. We’ve come up with some good suggestions you can utilize to customize your content marketing for your target audience, allowing you to connect with them on a more personal level.

  • First, define the goal of your content. Before brainstorming and generating ideas for content, you must first define what your business hopes to achieve from it. Your content marketing strategy should directly convey your business objectives. For example, is your goal to generate more traffic? To boost sales? To better understand and connect with customers? Once you are clear on your objectives, you can more easily develop content that is effective and will be appropriate for your audience.
  • Use data to find out where you can improve. To determine what strategies are working the best and which types of users are most engaged, refer to analytics. These tools, such as Facebook Insights or Google Analytics, can provide you with data that can help you better describe your target audience and what kind of content they want. You also should make sure that your strategies are flexible enough for you to make changes if you find your current plan of action isn’t working as well as you anticipated.
  • Use this data to further segment your audience. You can learn more about the behaviors of your online audience, and then separate them based on these factors. Once you’ve done this, you can identify your target market and create a buyer persona, which depicts your target market based on the data you collected and a deep understanding of that market’s motivations. With this buyer persona, you can now personalize your content to appeal specifically to your target market. For example, an equipment dealer may segment their audience based on users who searched for used equipment versus new equipment. Then, you can customize content to appeal to those who are more price-conscious.
  • Think like a customer. Put yourself in their shoes to really understand what kind of content they want the most. Consider what would sort of information you would want to know about on a daily basis because chances are, they want to know about it too. Another way to learn about your customer’s interest is to follow them on social media. You can get a better idea of their activity and the posts that spark their interest and then write content that matches this. You can also get a better understanding of your customer by interacting and communicating with them frequently on social media. The more conversations you are having with your followers, the more knowledge you are gaining on the best content for them.

Taking the time to do the research on your ideal audience is important for the success of your content marketing. Developing content that is directed specifically to your target can help your business build a more positive relationship with your customers!


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