Winterizing Your Fleet

2016 is here and many states are experiencing cold frigid weather. The drop in temperature can take a serious toll on your dealership units.

Below are some beneficial tips that will help you prepare your trucks for the harsh elements of winter and include them in your routine fleet maintenance.

  1. Check Fluids
    Ensure engine oil, antifreeze, transmission, brake and power steering fluids are clean and fill to the proper levels as these fluids are critical to the performance of a vehicle.
  1. Check the Battery
    Make sure battery cables and terminals are clean and tight. Remember that no matter what you do, a battery can fail without warning.
  1. Tire Safety
    Inspect the tread and tire pressure of your inventory. Extreme weather conditions may cause the tire pressure monitor system (if equipped) to engage if the pressure drops below the recommended PSI. Studded snow tires or tire chains may be an option to provide consumers.
  1. Fuel Maintenance
    Maintain FULL gas tanks. When operating a vehicle in the winter with a low fuel tank, condensation (water droplets) can form in the tank increasing the possibility of the fuel line freezing, preventing gas flow to the engine.  Replace dirty filters, such as air, fuel, and PCV. Diesel fuel is prone to waxing or gelling in cold weather. If equipped, use the Fuel Preheater or add anti-gel additives to the tank whenever you fill.
  2.  Windshield & Wipers
    Replace wiper blades that are more than six months old.  Ensure wipers are free of frost, frozen rain or snow before turning them on.
    Use a washer solution that won’t freeze.
    Clear any snow off the hood.

Protect your investment by taking preventative measures to ensure your trucks are operating at peak performance.

Written by: The Dealer Connection


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