Construction Spring Safety Tips

Do you ever drive by a construction site on an early, freezing morning and say, “They must be so cold!”? I know I do. Many construction workers look forward to Spring. No more frigid, cold temperatures when they have to be at the job site well before the sun comes up. Not only is it warmer out, but it stays light out longer, giving them more time to enjoy the day when they get off of work. However, with Spring comes a different set of safety hazards that you might not think of. To prepare in advance for these hazards, construction workers first have to learn what they are. Let’s take a look at some spring safety tips.

The first one is rainfall. Rain itself can cause very slippery conditions on construction sites. It can be even more severe when you are working on a high-rise construction site.  These falls can be fatal but can be prevented if you’re prepared. If you know it’s going to rain that day, wear slip resistant boots at all times, which will help reduce the chance of slipping.  

Not only do you have to be concerned for the rain, but with rain comes mud, especially on construction sites. Mud can get in the way when a construction worker is trying to climb into his/her piece of equipment. Be sure to wipe off your boots every time prior to climbing in,t so that you don’t fall off your machine.

Mud not only causes problems for you, but also for your machines, as it can make it hard to maneuver your vehicle up and down slopes. It’s possible that because of mud, your machine can slide and go speeding down slopes, resulting in injuries to the people in your path, along with  you, the  operator. In harsh weather conditions, make sure people stay far away from heavy equipment to avoid injury.  To keep yourself safe, ensure that you are always  wearing a seat belt, even when the weather is clear. Another great way to prevent accidents caused by mud is to have some type of warning noise/signal you can turn on in case you begin to slip.

One last thing to think about is the increase in temperatures. With Spring, in some areas, temperatures can reach a high number. Rising temperatures can cause dehydration and illness if you’re not prepared for it. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water and try and avoid food or drinks with large amounts of sugar. With more time in the sun, comes more opportunities for sunburn. It is advisable to wear a hat to shade your face and use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher.

Keep these safety tips in mind during your spring construction season. Come prepared with the right safety materials so you don’t get hurt. This way your day runs smoothly and you have no distractions. Better safe than sorry!


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