The Importance of Being Mobile

While most of us are personally mobile in some way, shape, or form, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the value of our businesses being actively mobile in today’s ever changing world. In a recent post we shared, we talked about how Facebook is promoting and integrating mobile shop-ability with their new feature, Marketplace. The leaders at Facebook understand that there is an inherent urgency in searching on your phone that indicates you are actively thinking about making a purchase, and that the purchase need is fairly immediate.

Studies show that 92% of people who researched something on their phone bought a related item within a day. We are very busy people, and the convenience of mobile shopping is something that every business should consider catering to. Even for those who don’t offer online checkout services, this message is still for you! 76% of people who search on their phone for something nearby visit a related business within a day– and 28% of those searches end in a purchase.  For our typical dealer, your brick and mortar stores are where your customers are going to make these purchasing decisions, but that doesn’t mean the research piece is happening in one place, or even on a desktop.


Based on data collected by our search services team, we know that 40% of our dealer’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Additionally, mobile searches have become so prominent that Google is changing the way they evaluate content. Google announced at the beginning of November that, “Our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a website’s content to rank pages from that website.” As the king of search, we put a lot of stock in what Google deems valuable in terms of ranking, and you should, too.

In fact, the data above shows that while the hours we spend daily on our desktops remains steady, the hours we find to search on our mobile devices has increased. And this mobile searching is on top of the time spent browsing on desktops. Your customers still do their research on their own time, throughout their day, but because of mobile devices, this researching is no longer limited to their desktop. They can search online during their workday, on their commutes home, at home while watching tv, etc. Consider the convenience of being able to access the information you want, at any time and from anywhere, and get mobile!

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Sarah Gallagher
Mobile Marketing: Micro-Moments Defined | Commercial Web Services Blog / April 11, 2017

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