Employee Spotlight: Chris Halbert

Chris Halbert HeadshotIt’s time to introduce you to our Employee of the Quarter!

Meet Chris! Chris Halbert is a member of our product development team here at CWS and plays a crucial role in making sure our products and services meet your needs as a commercial dealership!

Sarah: First, Chris, tell us a little about yourself.

Chris: Well, I like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne- but seriously, most of this is actually true. I hail from the small town of Jensen Beach, Florida and have been an outdoorsy beach lover ever since I can remember. I will say I do prefer a margarita to a pina colada though, on the rocks.

I spent some years inland, while I pursued my bachelor’s in Mathematics with a minor focus in Computer Science and went on to complete my Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Mary Washington. After my educational pursuits, I worked a handful of technical jobs, ranging from Help Desk to Systems to Database Administrator to IT Manager – to which I finally realized my professional calling in engineering and software development.

I moved to Hampton Roads to work with some of the top development companies in the area. Most importantly though, when I moved to the area I met my beautiful wife Alicia, and now have two energetic boys.

I play most sports well enough for your average social sports league, but I’m passionate about surfing, ultimate frisbee, and running. ULTIMATE! Despite enjoying getting caught in the rain, eventually I’ll end up inside, where I’ll settle in for a competitive game of ping pong, foosball or chess.

Sarah: How long have you been with CWS and what is your current role?

Chris: I’ve been working as the Senior Web Engineer for CWS since the beginning of 2016.

Sarah: What is one piece of advice you want your dealers to know?

Chris: I wish our dealers could see the passion our team has. We truly are a driven group of people focused on the dealer. My best advice to our dealers would be to continue providing feedback; we’re here to help and want to support your desires and needs. Your success is our success, and it cannot happen any other way.

Sarah: What has been your greatest accomplishment at CWS so far?

Chris: My greatest accomplishment at CWS is intangible in the sense of a singular milestone, but I’d like to think I’ve contributed to providing direction in support of our dealers’ success.

Sarah: What is your favorite thing about working at CWS?

Chris: Most technical firms I’ve worked for are predominantly made up of introverts, like myself. The outgoing nature of this team is unparalleled with any other I’ve worked with. I think this definitely contributes to the overall workplace happiness at CWS.

Thank you Chris for your contribution to the team and dedication to the mission of CWS!

We’re always appreciative to hear from different members of our team, as our group is one with many parts working together to serve your industry needs best.


Sarah Gallagher

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