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Driven by Data: Implement

We have finally come to the last post of our Driven by Data series, and arguably the most challenging because it requires a commitment from you- implementing the information you’ve found into your business strategy!

mythfact3Recap on Analyzing

To recap what we discussed in our last post on analyzing data, before you come to the implementation stage, it is best to step back and take a look at your numbers and figure out what your goals might be within your business and where the “weak numbers” or “correlating numbers” are in your data. By pulling out your correlating strengths and tweaking those areas of weakness in your online exposure, you can build your website to be an even more successful, lead generating part of your business.

So, ask yourself, “Do I want to uncover where my visitors are located at? What source they’re coming from? How much referral traffic do I have? Social traffic? From what kind of devices are they visiting your website?” These questions will help you identify what steps to take next.

  • For example: If you find yourself wondering whether mobile optimization and responsiveness is worth investing in, it might behoove you to take a look at your data by device type to see whether a significant portion of your audience is coming from mobile phones or tablets or not.

It might also help you to take a look at a particular campaign and how it has performed, giving you real dollar value behind your promotional initiatives to record and consider for your next campaign.

The Huffington Post gave three main categories for what to do with our data in a recent article, and we think they pretty much cover all the bases: transform, learn, and predict. This order of categories is no coincidence either. You should begin to transform, or tweak what you’re doing based on the data you’ve received and analyzed; can you change your Call To Actions (CTA’s) to generate more leads from your website? Then you want to learn from what happens after you make those changes; does engagement or website traffic increase? How about the quality of leads you’re receiving? And then you want to predict. Think about future goals and initiatives, and based on what you’ve learned and recorded, make more intelligent decisions about how to go about any online marketing you set out to do.

Transform: You can transform your business by summarizing the statistics that we recognize as weak or strong, and making changes to your online marketing strategy based on this data. When you look at behavior reports or the behavior flow, take note of where visitors are going on your website, how long are they staying (their session), how many are filling out lead forms, or contact us forms on your website? Are there things you could change or call out in your website or landing pages that would make people stay longer, such as using a CTA like “discover more” rather than “contact us” to get prospects to fill out lead forms? The only way you’ll get to the learning stage is by testing these things out.

Learn: Learning from your transformations simply means to watch what happens once you add a landing page or change a lead form or CTA. Are you generating more leads now? Are these different leads? Are the leads the right type of customer you want to attract? Recording these changes help you to match similar patterns in the future.

Predict: By matching similar patterns in the future, eventually you will be able to predict data after several months, or years, of watching and recording trends. For example, a lot of our dealers routinely experience seasonal changes in their business and by paying attention to the change in website traffic over different seasons you might adjust your investment in promotional campaigns during different seasons.This cycle of transforming, learning, and predicting should never stop as you seek to improve your online efforts towards exposure, growth in traffic, and ultimately growth in leads.

By tweaking your campaigns, website content, lead forms and landing pages to attract the right consumer, you will be winning online before you know it.
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