Employee Spotlight: Shanda Thomas

It’s time to introduce you to our third and final employee of the quarter, Shanda Thomas!

shandathomasemployeespotlightShanda is a Digital Marketing Advisor here at CWS and educates dealers on how our online marketing solutions can make their job easier and their businesses thrive! Shanda was recently awarded our coveted President’s Club Award which honors those who’ve achieved a high sales goal set by the company, as well as Dominion Commercial Solutions’ Salesperson of the Year for 2016. We are so proud of the hard work she’s put into accomplishing these things and how she has grown over her time at CWS.  

Sarah: First Shanda, tell us a little about yourself.

Shanda: I love to write poetry and spend time with my family. I’m a beach bum, and absolutely die if it is colder than 75 degrees outside! I was born in Hawai’i, and migrated to the East Coast when I was younger. However, I stick strongly to my roots; I love to hula and will occasionally turn my speakers all the way up and blast Common Kings and the like, while cooking lau lau or spam musubi.

I moved to Hampton Roads in 2001, after attending the University of Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)…gooooo Spartans! Four years later, I met my wonderful husband, Kevin. Today, we have three fantastic, rambunctious boys and a dog daughter.

My favorite sport is baseball, and I love the San Francisco Giants (I secretly want to marry Buster Posey, or Joe Panik, or Brandon Crawford…). I’ve played softball since I was 10, and am very passionate when I play. I’ve been awarded MVP, Most Defensive, Southern Division All-Conference Player, and Best All Around. For several years during high school, I even played with the Babe Ruth League, a highly competitive league made up of the best players in 5 counties to great the division.

Sarah: How long have you been with CWS and what is your current role?

Shanda: I started with CWS in April of 2013 and am currently a Digital Marketing Advisor.

Sarah: What is one piece of advice you want your dealers to know?

Shanda: For the dealers who are active with our services now, I would tell them, “We got you!” and that there is no reason to ever worry about what we do for you. For dealers who aren’t currently working with us, I’d say, “Let us show you!” It’s okay to be apprehensive or cautious, but you will never see results if you don’t change what you are currently doing. We pride ourselves in becoming partners with each dealer who joins our services, so we are invested into ensuring their success!

Sarah: What has been your greatest accomplishment at CWS so far?

Shanda: Joining the President’s Club in 2016 was something that I strove to achieve all year, so achieving this was not only a huge win for me but for CWS as a whole to finally be represented. Coupled with winning President’s Club, I was awarded Salesperson of the Year 2016 – such a great honor. I am truly humbled and grateful to have such a great team backing me!

Sarah: What is your favorite thing about working at CWS?

Shanda: Freedom and CWS culture. At CWS, we are free to try new things and find better ways to accomplish tasks and objectives. We are never “in a box” and are often challenged with thinking and breaking “out of the box.” Being the creative spirit that I am, having an environment that allows for me to be creative and test things is ideal and lends to my success. The CWS culture directly contributes to the positive and nurturing environment that is CWS. We acknowledge the accomplishments; we work collectively through the negative; we push one another and keep each other accountable; we lead by example; we care. We are a division of leaders!

We thank you, Shanda for being such a key player in our success and culture here at CWS! We congratulate you on your achievements in 2016 and look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2017!
Our team continues to grow both in size and in the roles that we deem effective for serving our dealers better! As you can see, we have a very talented group of people working at CWS and we love recognizing them and what they’ve accomplished. We are dedicated to continuously improving the value of our online solutions, and look forward to partnering with you!


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