Web videos and YouTube are the new black

Web videos and YouTube are making their mark in the Internet marketing world. Some may even say that web video and YouTube are the greatest new opportunity in Internet Marketing. Here is an interesting article that reviews the CNN.com op-ed piece entitled “The Secret Power of YouTube,” written by Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, a non-profit organization.


Chris mentions a phrase he coined called “crowd-accelerated innovation.” This term describes how the broad audience that YouTube provides (this “crowd” consists of millions and millions of daily viewers) coupled with free exposure drives innovation (one person’s creativity will cause another person to try to “one-up” it).

Creativity in online advertising is growing exponentially and you should take advantage of all the web video opportunities available to grow your online business. Your use of these opportunities will help you rise to the top in your industry.

Have 20 minutes? Check out this video featuring Chris Anderson. Maybe it will inspire you to innovate:


Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation


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