Three of the most important things for SEO: Content, Content, Content!

In real-estate you often hear about “Location, Location, Location” when searching for a new property. When it comes to search engine optimization, think “Content, Content, Content!”


Remember, your website is an extension of your dealership so you have to be able to provide them with the same information a sales associate would give to a visitor at your physical location. Too often website owners do not utilize adding simple content to their website. Sure, the site looks great and has a lot of flashy images, but what is it really telling me about your dealership? “Why are you better than the other guys down the street?” “Why should I do business with you?” These are questions your visitors are going to ask themselves when they visit your site. Content also extends into your inventory. With online research steadily growing before customers step in the door or pick up the phone, if your available inventory is not posted on the website, you could have missed the opportunity to make a sale.

Adding plenty of content about who you are, what you do, products, services, etc. can help inform the search engines in addition to your customers. In search engine optimization there is a saying, “Content is King.” It’s good to be the king and it’s good to have content on the website. In the past search engines only looked at your meta descriptions and keywords to rank your website. The search engines are ever evolving and now more focus has shifted to what is actually within the website pages. Also, remember that images cannot be read by the search engines. To get an idea of how the search engines see your website, visit a site like SEO-Browser where you can input your URL and see what the search engines see. If the results look less informative than you thought, then it may be time to add more content to your site.

And finally, content extends past the website. Utilize some of your industry tools and contacts to get the word out about your business. Post commentary to blogs relative to your industry to show off your knowledge and include your website link. Other bloggers will likely visit your site if they liked what they read or share your comments and link. The same applies to press releases.

So the next time you visit your website be sure to take an extra minute to look over your content and how much you have. Taking the time to make updates could have big payoffs in your online sales and traffic.


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