Boost the Online Buzz About Your Business

Boost the online buzz about your business with some helpful tips:

1. Facebook has over 500 million users and your customers are most likely registered and using the social network application on a regular basis. Businesses are also booming with some help from the Facebook Business pages. If you don’t have a Facebook page already, go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/learn.php for easy instructions. Once you’re started, don’t forget to become a fan of Commercial Web Services!

2. Tweet/Facebook a new deal or sale your company has to offer! Alert Twitter followers and Facebook fans to new, money saving opportunities (they could also retweet and/or repost the deal to their networks and increase your offer’s exposure).

3. Have you set up a blog yet? A blog post that’s a useful article regarding your latest sale, show, product line, service, etc and not a “sales pitch” can be valuable content that can potentially be retweeted, linked to or talked about. Also, ask to write guest posts on other industry-related blogs and ask to have other bloggers write reviews about your new products and services.

4. Sending an e-mail gets the word out. Using your customer database choose which ones will be highly interested in a new product or service and e-mail them a great discount or voucher and invite their friends/family to use it as well.


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