Equipment Safety Checklist

Safety is a serious concern in the world of equipment. Below are some tips on different things to keep in mind when selling, operating or renting out equipment.

1. Offer equipment that is in good working order.
2. Make sure all equipment functions are operable.
3. Keep warning labels in a clearly visible area.
4. Guarantee equipment is regularly maintained according to OEM guidelines.
5. Equipment must be inspected after each rental, and if any repairs are made it is important to document them.
6. If extension cords are provided, ensure they are safe for outdoors and in good condition with not cuts or fraying.
7. Instruct renters on the operation of equipment and properly demonstrate how to start and use the equipment as well as how to stop it in an emergency.
8. When renting out equipment, provide a copy of the manufacturer’s operating manual.
9. Provide safety warnings such as not placing body parts near moving components or to dress appropriately and wear the proper eye and ear protection.
10. Do not smoke or use any type of flame around gas-powered equipment and do not refill gasoline tanks while motors are running or while equipment is hot.

There are many other ways to promote safety when selling or renting equipment and it’s the dealership’s job to make sure operators are aware of the risk involved as well as decreasing the risk of danger. Take time to implement risk management strategy and keep your business running smoothly.

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