SEO Tip: Google +

If you haven’t checked out Google’s new social networking platform you need to! Receiving 20 million visitors during its first 21 weeks, Google+ takes advantage of the increasing amount of people connecting online and brings real-life sharing to the web. In development right now is Google+ business profiles – a way for businesses to get in on the new wave. It’s not ready yet to promote your business, but as soon as it is we will be sure to give you tips on how to optimize your exposure. In the mean time, make sure you get familiar with the new platform (https://plus.google.com) with the following features:

+Circles: Categorize your friends and connections, then share information with select groups of people. The right information gets to the right audience.

+Sparks: Feeds of material to watch and read based upon your interests – then share with selected circles of friends.

+Hangouts: On-screen gatherings that are fun, fluid and serendipitous. The combination of casually meeting up with live multi-person video.

+Mobile: Google+ focuses on devices, like GPS, cameras, and messaging, to make your pocket computer even more personal.


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Kristofer Infield / June 10, 2017

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