There’s Value in a Trusting Relationship

Trust can be defined as a sense of confidence or a reliance on the strength and integrity of a person or thing. You can’t underestimate the importance of trust when interacting with your customers or prospects. This applies to both customer service and sales situations. Trust is the backbone of all customer interactions.

When working with customers, there are several areas in which trust applies. For example, customers need to be able to trust that a particular product or service will perform as promised, as well as have confidence that employees will follow through on their given word.

Building trust needs to be a company-wide initiative. Your customers will measure their trust on their entire experience and will continue to do business as long as they feel they can rely on you. The best way to build trust is to build a relationship and continue to exceed expectations. If your customer receives unpredictable service, then how would they be able to trust you?

Here are some tips on ways to build a trusting relationship with your customer:

1. Deal with situations with honesty and integrity.

2. Take ownership of the situations that come your way. Customers want someone they can rely on.

3. Follow through with your word. This takes the ownership quality to the next level.

4. Take interest in what your customer needs. Be a partner in providing the right solution.

5. Be proactive. Periodically reach out to your customer to see if you can be of service.

Having a trusting relationship with your customer will derive many benefits for you and your company. Conversely, a violation of trust can have negative consequences. It can result in a loss of business, as well as put a blemish on you and your company’s reputation.

Would you do business with a company or person that you don’t trust?


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