Don’t Let Your Site Visitors Get Lost – Keep Them on the Path of Conversion with Calls-to-Action!

 Help Convert Visitors With Calls To Action

In this digital age of multitasking, most of us are not focusing on just one single device while doing our online research or shopping. We are actually attending to multiple screens at once! Not only is there the computer used for the website that we’re shopping on, but there are texts and calls coming into the cell phone, a television turned on, and perhaps a few other mobile devices at hand. Not to mention, the people in our lives that demand our attention also contribute to the distractions. For this very reason, the slightest thing could disengage potential buyers that are browsing pages on your dealership’s website. Your job is to not only to provide prospects with a positive online experience, but also to guide them in using your website the way you intend it to be used by incorporating an appropriate call-to-action to each of your website’s pages.

  • Calls-to-action encourage your potential customers to follow through with desired actions (e.g., purchase, call, subscribe, download) and they are a good way to give them a gentle, non-intrusive nudge toward the conversion funnel.
  • When incorporating your calls-to-action, make sure that your messages are concise, easy to read, placed in an uncluttered space (ideally, the upper region), and are relevant to the corresponding page.
  • Avoid repeating the exact same call-to-action everywhere and try not to sound too pushy, but do be informative and helpful.
  • If you are requesting that your visitors download a file or submit a form, then make sure that those items are easily accessible through buttons or links on the page itself.
  • To further your efforts, you may also want to consider developing a conversion optimization strategy that is customized for your individual website and aligns with your online marketing goals.
  • A little A|B split testing could also help you determine how to make your calls-to-action more effective, such as trying out various font colors and phrase structuring.

Keep in mind that your dealership’s website is your online sales floor, so use some of that floor space (page space) to plant your signage (calls-to-action for your pages and/or promotions). You have to keep your visitors’ attention in the midst of the everyday digital clutter!


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