Increase Your Brand Recognition

For small businesses, brand recognition can be a large hurdle to overcome. It’s hard to make your break into the industry but there are solutions. Of course, nothing happens overnight but a little work and a lot of patience goes a long way. Here are a few tips to follow when branding and increasing brand recognition:

  • Start by creating an outreach calendar, mark your goals for when and who you want to reach within the next year, and actively pursue your goals!
  • Develop a tagline for people to remember you by. Create a catchy slogan, jingle or a rhyme to make a lasting impression on your audience. If you’re having trouble, look to your staff. You can also get competitive with it by using the public for assistance! Everyone loves a little friendly competition and perhaps you can grant some free memorabilia or services to the winner for their participation.
  • Constantly write press releases, articles, and pitch ideas for the media, your blog, and your website. After all, nothing says recognition like repetition!
  • Be sure to become an active participant in annual industry conferences/tradeshows–and don’t just set up a table/booth and let people see you; set up your table/booth with your group, but then walk around to other areas with print media and memorabilia in hand to pass out. Brand yourself and don’t forget to post your upcoming events and showings on your website!
  • Also, try some community participation that’s not meant to generate immediate business. Perhaps there are some internship programs in your area you can enroll in or charities you can sponsor. This is also GREAT for the press! You WANT people to see the softer side of your business.
  • Finally, don’t forget to update and refresh your website content at least once a week to keep people coming back to your site. No one can see what you’re doing or how big you’re doing it until you tell them!

Remember that branding your company plays a major role in influencing a memorable response. Don’t forget about the audience you are targeting or the differences in your company that makes you stand out among your competitors –build upon it!

Happy branding!


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