SEO Tip: Resist the Urge to Copy and Paste!

In SEO we often stress the importance of adding original content to your website. Having unique content has always been an important factor in ranking well within the Search Engines, but now more than ever, having content directly copied from another source (i.e. another dealership, manufacturer website, wikipedia) can hinder your site’s ability to rank well. While it can be a lot of work and effort to think of original and unique information, it is far better than seeing your website fall out of the Search Engine results and losing valuable traffic and leads.

To help write good content, ask yourself these questions and answer them in the content:

-What products/services are being offered on this page? -Who is our target audience?
-What are common customer questions about this product/service?
-What sets us apart from other businesses that offer the same product/service?
-What might you tell a customer about this product/service if they walked into the dealership?

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