SEO Tip of the Month

One of the most important elements of a website is content (actual copy, text or words) on all pages throughout a website. Not only can content help a website rank well within the Search Engines, but it’s also how you can inform potential customers about you and distinguish your business from competitors.

Not sure what to write about? Here are some possibilities:

– Q&A / FAQ: What questions do customers in the brick and mortar store ask? What questions are asked via email the most? Are there common questions about products or services? Answering a few of these key questions with a couple of brief sentences can make a great resource to have on your website.

– Write about what’s funny: Has something hilarious happened to a customer or employee related to your company or products? Write about it! And update it regularly to encourage people to come back to the website for a chuckle.

– Positive industry happenings: Pick a recent event (within the last year) that you feel has done a lot for your industry. Write a blog article or post telling people why it matters. Then ask for comments.

– Featured products: Once a week, month or quarter, pick a hot product to feature. Add a picture, mention some specs, put in some personal details about why this product is being featured and viola!– a page with original content that will get people to come back to check out what’s new.

Do you have additional ideas/tactics that help generate unique content for your business? Share with us here!


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