Social Media and Your Dealership

If you’re like us, you don’t just want more fans… you want quality fans, people who choose my business’ page because they want to hear what we have to say, and they want to share something while they are there. This concept is also called earned media. The customer relationship is established when it is EARNED by you and your business. Why is this important? Studies show earned media is seven times more credible for your brand than advertising.

So what are some quick ways to help your page get more fans?

  • Write about what you know and what you are passionate about, it comes through in your posts and it’s much more fun!
  • Try to post daily and be humorous (humor increases your popularity like you wouldn’t believe)
  • Ask engaging questions in your posts, preferably ones which will elicit comments.
  • Check back a few times during the day to respond to comments. The key is to be personable, professional, and engaging.
  • Be sure to promote your  Facebook Fanpage in any newsletter/e-mail marketing that you distribute.
  • Use the “suggest to friends” link from the Facebook Fanpage  to invite your friends to “like” your business’ page
  • Participate in the community. Leave comments on other competitive pages, but before you do, be sure to change your status so you are using your Facebook Fanpage as the name, rather than posting as yourself.
  • Find pages that have lots of fans (1,000+ at least) that are related to your page or niche ie. Bobcat Company, Forconstructionpros.com, Mack Trucks, Freightliner, etc) and join the conversation! If you have nothing to say, share their posts on your page.

By being active in the social community, users will head to your page to see what your business is all about and if they like what they see—they will become a fan of yours. Think about why you often ‘like’ a page and apply it to your social strategy, just be sure to keep it classy and stay industry relevant.


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