Content and Search Engines

Content is king both with helping a website’s Organic Search Engine rankings as well as helping to engage potential customers. Content informs customers and the Search Engines as to what your business is all about. When writing content, for any page of your website, keep these tips in mind:

1) Know Your Audience. Engage potential customers with content by knowing who they are, what they want and what they value. It’s best practices to write for your audience, not the Search Engines.

2) Add Images. This can engage potential customers while on your website as well as on social media sites. Use large, appealing images in conjunction with content so that when it is shared via social media, the synopsis will include a thumbnail image which can help garner more click-throughs.

4) Promote. Utilize current marketing channels including email, social media, public relations, etc., to inform customers about new content resources.

5) Don’t just tell people what your company does also tell them why your company does it. Demonstrating the value products and services will have on consumers’ lives will likely increase their level of engagement.

6) Keep the Conversation Going. Answer questions consumers have in a comments section (if applicable) and within the various social networks. Allow customers and prospects to add to the wealth of knowledge you are sharing with your industry.

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