Employee Spotlight: Monique Harrison

Take some time to get to know our team! First up, Monique Harrison, who’s fifth year at Commercial Web Services as an Internet Sales Consultant is this month.

Monique HarrisonWhat is one piece of advice you always tell your dealers?
I always tell my dealers to treat your website the same way you treat your brick and mortar dealership. When inventory changes at your dealership, change it on your website. Having an open house, put it on your website. Sales, promotions, employee recognition; all these things should also be promoted on your website. This has a tremendous impact on engaging new customers, influencing customers to return to your site, as well as impacting how you show up on search engines.

What is your greatest accomplishment at CWS?
My greatest accomplishment has been working with one of my clients in New York. When I began working with them we were focusing on a single location that sold mostly agricultural and lawn and garden equipment. There goal was to improve their visibility in their selling areas for all aspects of their business. I developed a strategy to do just that, and they took my advice! That one website has now grown into five and a wonderful business relationship.

What is your favorite part about working at CWS?
As much as I love working with my dealers, my favorite part about working with CWS is the people. It is a gift to be surrounded by such intelligent and caring people. The company culture is second to none.

Thanks for your commitment to CWS, Monique, and Happy Fifth Anniversary!


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