Why Use Facebook?

FacebookLast month we introduced you to the benefits of using social media. Today, we want to focus on why you should be using Facebook, along with some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

With more than 1 billion members and 700 million daily visitors, Facebook is the largest and most popular social network. Since it is designed to connect people with their friends, family, coworkers and interests, Facebook has an unlimited amount of ways in which your dealership can be discovered by potential customers.

It also leads to opportunities to engage with your targeted audience. 70% of active Facebook users are connected and engaged with a local business. You can seek feedback from customers, answer questions about Facebookproducts, and have real, non-business interactions with them. You should focus your content on more than just product pushing, such as employee spotlights, community events, industry news, etc. This type of content adds value to your dealership, and keeps people coming back for more. Being engaging through Facebook gives your business a face and personality, which resonates strongly with fans. It also creates credibility for your dealership, leading them to become a customer and/or recommend your business to their friends.

On average, members spend 20 minutes per Facebook visit. Your dealership can get controlled content out to fans 24/7, and there is a huge chance that they will see it in their newsfeed during those 20 minutes they are on. But don’t forget to post during “off” hours, too! Facebook doesn’t stop just because you aren’t working that day, and you will miss a huge opportunity by not posting during your closed hours.

Here are some tips, along with examples of dealerships doing it right, to get the most out of using Facebook:

  • Be visual. Pictures and videos are easier to relate to and more naturally lend to sharing, both on Facebook and other social platforms. In fact, studies show that posts with images receive 37% more engagement than those without. Need inspiration? Check out some of our posts about #cwspicoftheweek!Facebook Posts
  • Be authentic. Post about what is meaningful to your business. Every company is different, so focus on content that really speaks to what your business is all about.Facebook Posts
  • Be engaging. Post content that will require your followers to like, comment, and/or share. Then follow up with those comments to keep the conversation going. One thing that companies don’t do enough of is, post about their favorite local restaurants, local events and more. Content like this will get your community talking! You should also follow others in your industry, and begin liking, commenting, and sharing their content as well.Facebook Posts
  • Be relevant. Open houses, holidays, monthly causes, sporting events, etc. all generate a lot of buzz. Be part of those trends by posting content relevant to these events. Have a new employee, sell a skidsteer, or have a sale happening? Why not keep your fans in the loop, too?  Check out some of our employee spotlight posts for inspiration!Facebook Posts
  • Be personable. As users begin to like your dealership’s facebook page and commenting on your posts, be sure to engage back with them! Just receive a great customer review? Thank that person for taking the time to write on your page. Receive negative feedback? Don’t ignore it! Reach out to them about their experience to show you care and want to remedy the situation.Facebook Posts
  • Be up-to-date. Keep your “About us” section updated with correct contact information, web address, description of your business. Not only is this good practice so your fans are informed with the accurate information, such as hours of operation, but it also helps keep you optimized for search engines.Facebook Posts

Need a little inspiration to get started with creating content on your dealership’s Facebook page? Take a look at ours! And if you “like” us, you can take advantage of sharing our content to your followers.

Next week we will take a look into using Twitter, so be sure to check back!


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