Social Media: Must or Bust? Part 3

You now know that social media improves your search engine rankings and allows you to develop industry connections and customer relationships. For our final post about this topic, we want to let you know how social media allows you to grow your reach. 

Grow Your Reach

Social media efforts generate more exposure for your dealership. How so? Getting information out via social media to followers and fans allows your content to potentially be shared with their followers and fans. This sharing allows you to connect with new audiences who may be interested in your product that you may not have Connect with new Audienceshad access to before. It also amplifies your organic search rating, since search engines will view you as more important and more credible (See Social Media: Must or Bust? Part 1!). This credibility, with your following and also the search engines, is more crucial to your business than any amount of paid advertising.

Remember those connections you are making in the industry? These connections can also help you tap into an audience that you may not have been able to reach. Your visibility with those leaders increases your exposure and can yield new partnerships and/or generate leads for your dealership.

To conclude this series, here is a recap of the key reasons we think your dealership should be using social media:

  1. You improve search engine rankings.
  2. You develop industry connections and customer relationships.
  3. You grow your reach.

Now, we want to dig deeper into why you should be on certain social platforms, and some best practices for each. Check back next week when we talk about why you need to be using Facebook, and ways to gain more fans and keep them engaged.


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