3 Fresh Ways to Grow Your Email List

As we’ve discussed in our Best Practices for Email Marketing blog post, email marketing is a cost effective tool that really works for your business. But to start any good email marketing campaign, you’ll need this important key: a good, developed email list! A high-quality list that is composed of active subscribers increases the chances of email marketing success.  60% of marketers believe email marketing produces positive ROI, so growing your subscriber list is a key factor in maintaining a strong email marketing presence. Your marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year and decay occurs for many reasons, which means it’s important that you continue to grow your list, or start creating a list if you haven’t already. Remember, the quality of your list directly affects the results of your email campaign.

  1. Use your Website. Growing your list will sprout from your great website content since people like to engage with what you are saying to them. Your website needs to work for your clients, which means sprucing up your content. Here are some ideas to try out:
    1. Create interactive content, such as a PDF checklist for tips to think about when buying a new skid-steer. For users that are interested in this kind of content, allow them to download your PDF by providing you with their email.
    2. Create Offers For New Customers—like a contest or a coupon—and require visitors to provide their email address in order to access But don’t forget to have fun! Try offering them with a chance to win a free branded coozie from your business just by entering their email!  Engaging and valuable content like this prompts click-throughs.
  1. Use Social.  You can grow your list while engaging on your social media platforms.
    1. Promote one of your new customer offers on Twitter. That offer on your website? Share it on your social media! Consider starting a Twitter campaign to draw attention to a contest or special offer, such as 10% off of lawn & garden gloves, that requires your followers’ email addresses to redeem.
    2. Use your Facebook Page by sharing an offer that requires an email address submission. Promote offers on your Timeline, and remember to add social sharing buttons to both, the landing pages and thank-you pages you send clients. This creates a cycle that encourages your leads to share those offers with others.
    3. Consider Pinterest to promote those offers that require email sign-up. For example, create a Pinterest board where you pin your dealerships current specials or new inventory. This can generate new leads and grow your list.
  1. Use Events. Focus on generating email clients during in-person events as well as online.
    1. Collect email addresses at events such as open houses or demo days and add these to your database. Follow up on these new contacts with a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your email list.
    2. Leverage a Search Engine Marketing/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign that links to a landing page with an email sign-up. You decide which keywords and actions you want to target with your campaign, and the landing page could send customers to a special event registration form or a coupon prompt.

High-quality content and a well-developed email list will help you get the most out of your email marketing. In order to completely ensure your contacts are engaged with your business, always use an opt-in process and never buy an email list. By having subscribers follow an opt-in process, you are also keeping in-line with CAN-SPAM legislation. Now that you know what content, social media, and in-person actions you can take, it’s time to go out and grow your email list. If you have any questions about how to get started with email marketing, please feel free to contact us at marketing@commercialwebservices.com. Over the next few weeks, we are going to talk about other quick ways to spring clean your online marketing efforts, so check back soon!


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