Quick Search Engine Optimization Tips

We asked our Search Services Supervisor, Diana Richardson, to share some insight into the Search Engine Optimization world! Read below for some great tips to making your website stand out with search engines.

Quick Search Engine Optimization Tips

Diana Richardson- Commercial Web Services It’s a fact, there a lot of websites on the internet. And with all of these websites eager to attract consumer attention, it is easy for your dealership’s website to get lost, especially as people are searching. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are some best practices and tips to help your website get attention when it comes to its online presence within search engines.

  • Content: Make sure each and every page of your website has some sort of informational text on it detailing the specifics of that page. This includes pages deeper in the website like Parts, Service, Rentals, Showroom, New Inventory, Used Inventory, Testimonials, Contact Us, etc. For example, on your Service page make sure you highlight what repair services you offer. Don’t assume customers know – spell it out in detail.
  • Differentiate: Use your website as a resource to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Think of it as an opportunity to tell potential customers why they should do business with you and what you specialize in.
  • Meta Tags: Make sure each and every page of your website has a unique (no copying and pasting) Title, Keyword and Description meta tag. Meta Tags are the information on the back end of your website. The Title and Description can show up in the Search Results, where the Keyword tag is only seen in the HTML code of a site. The Title tag is important because it shows up as the clickable link in the Search Engines, so if it doesn’t contain good information, then it could discourage potential customers from clicking on the link and visiting your site.
  • Inventory: When dealers ask me, “What’s the #1 thing I can do for my website?” The answer is, “Keep your inventory up to date!” This is the main reason customers are coming to your website – to see what you have to offer. Keep them engaged with your business by making sure sold pieces are removed and new pieces are added. This is also helpful to search engines because they will understand that your website is being maintained and updated which encourages them to come back and re-crawl your website.
  • Awareness: Make sure that your URL is on anything and everything with your contact information like: business cards, wanted ads, radio/TV ads, email signatures, company cars, employee uniforms, purchase receipts, Press Releases, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Building awareness helps increase your visitor traffic, which in turn helps build authority with search engines giving your website a higher ranking.

We all want to be found at the top of the search results, but search engine optimization takes time and patience. The best thing to do is continue to update your website with great content that keeps visitors coming back for more. These tips will help build momentum, but content is king to keeping people engaged with your website.

If you would like more assistance with your website’s search engine presence we have a Google Certified team that can help! They help with optimizing your website and creating ads that display on Google, Yahoo! and Bing that will drive qualified traffic to your website. Reach out to us at marketing@commercialwebservices.com if you would like more information. 


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Aliasgar Babat / December 8, 2015

Wonderful tips!! Thanks for sharing…

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Absolutely fantastic, thanks for sharing.


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