Why Should My Business Have A Blog?

In a world where consumers are seeking out information to help them solve their problems and no longer looking to businesses for just the products and/or services that they have to offer, blogging is an essential part to your marketing efforts. But many are still unsure about why blogging may be beneficial to their business. Over the next few weeks, we want to take some time to arm you with all of the information needed to get started with blogging for your business.

But first, you need to understand all of the great benefits blogging has on your business. Afterall, many of us have to convince higher-ups that investing in newer, inbound-marketing efforts will pay off in the long-run. So, here they are:

  1. Blogging helps increase your website traffic. Everyone wants more website traffic, right? So how does blogging help increase your website traffic? It’s simple, the more content that your business puts out there, the more opportunity customers have to find you. Why? Well for starters, search engines will have more branded content to scan and index, increasing your search rankings. Second, the more content means the more opportunity for others to share it to their network of people, aka social media. The more it’s shared, the more website traffic, which also means the more authority with search engines and higher rankings. It’s all a big circle!
  2. Blogging establishes credibility with your customers. The best blog posts answer common questions that your customers have. If you’re constantly creating content that answers the questions and needs of your customers, it won’t be long before they look to you as the subject-matter expert. The impact of this authority is significant for your bottom-line. If customers, and even prospects, know that you are the authority on the matter, they will trust you more and buy more!
  3. Blogging has long-term benefits. The best part about blogging is that it doesn’t end after the post goes live. Think about it. Once you publish a post, you may receive 50 views and 5 leads that day. And then the next day, you may receive another 50 views and only 3 leads. Well now, that page is developing authority and relevancy with search engines, being indexed for that topic, and being found by others, even months down the road. Think of blogging as a set it and forget it lead generation tool!
  4. Blogging helps you acquire more customers. This is a benefit that we have been struggling to execute properly. We admit it, we aren’t perfect and are constantly learning and updating. But with that being said, a blog is a great resource to gain new customers. How so? For starters, remember how blog posts should help answer questions? Well, probably some of those answers involve a product or service that you may offer. By giving them insight on questions they have, when they go to make a purchase, more than likely they are going to turn to you to do so. But a more subtle way to gain more customers is to add a call-to-action at the end of each blog post. These can be a simple contact us form or sign-up to receive more information. Now you have their contact information and can continue to market to them. Easy!

Blogging is one of the most valuable engagement tools for a business to have. If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started! Over the next month we are going to provide you with even more tips and tricks to get started, so be sure to keep checking back. Or better yet, see that “subscribe” button in the top right of this post? Go ahead and subscribe and you won’t miss a single post!


How Do I Get Started With Blogging For My Business? | Commercial Web Services Blog / October 15, 2015

[…] that you know the benefits to having a blog for your business, and some topics that you can start writing about, it’s time to get started. […]


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