Step Four: Content Calendars and Goodbyes

It’s time for your campaign to come to a close. But first, let’s review from last week. You separated your users once more, and sent a “value” and “letting go” email to each group. By now you should have received feedback, and it’s time to once more sort your lists!

Starting with those whom you sent a “letting go” email to. It’s time to literally let go this time of those who didn’t open it. There is no reason to waste time and resources on an inactive user who will only bring down your sender reputation score. For those who did open it, go ahead and add them back to your active contacts list.

Next it’s time to take the list of those who opened your “just checking in” email and add them back to you active contacts list. Although some may not have opened your value email, it’s still a good idea to add them back to the list. The value email was an underhanded way to generate leads for your business, so don’t be discouraged by those who didn’t open it. Congratulations on successfully completing your inactive email campaign! Now you should have an updated email list of users that will be opening your emails. Be sure to check your quality score to see if it’s improving.

But wait! You are not done yet. It’s time to talk about upkeep. Now that you have a refreshed list, it’s important to make sure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Make sure that you create a content calendar full of rich and beautifully crafted emails to catch your users eye every time. This should be a breeze since you already read about our email marketing tips. Every few months make sure you re-visit your list and if you have to start the campaign process all over again. Continually refreshing your lists will help to ensure that your emails are not going to waste and that your sender reputation score is staying above 70.

One last thing to note is how often you should be sending these emails. Recent surveys have showed that the biggest reason that users flag emails as spam is because they emailed too often. That same survey also noted that the biggest preference for business’ to email them is monthly. Make sure that you keep this information in mind when you are planning your content calendar.

That’s a wrap! Thank you for spending time with us, and best wishes for your future email marketing endeavors.


Sarah Eckenrode

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