Debunking 5 Myths about LinkedIn


Are you LinkedIn? If not, you’ve probably got some assumptions about what it’s used for and why it won’t work for you. But contrary to it’s “job-seeker-only” stereotype, users on LinkedIn today are just as interested in connecting with others in their industry as they are finding a new career.

Myth #1: LinkedIn is only used for finding jobs

Truth:  LinkedIn is the best social media platform to network online with people in your industry, grow your business and market your brand, both an as an individual and a business.

Myth #2: I shouldn’t message people I don’t have a connection to

Truth: LinkedIn allows you to invite someone to connect with you through their messenger, regardless of having a first or second degree connection to them. After an event, LinkedIn could provide you the perfect entry way into building a mutually beneficial relationship with another industry member, or through personal research you may get to connect with an industry member in a different role or geographic location.

Tip: When messaging someone without a mutual connection make sure to indicate your purpose clearly and quickly as the messenger allows you to catch the first 50 characters of an unopened message in the preheader.  

Myth #3: Posting in LinkedIn should be minimal in comparison to messaging individuals

Truth: Posting, like on Facebook, is a great way to make connections with all of your followers and increase brand awareness! Contributing content that follows industry leaders is appropriate for your public space, while industry specific groups might appreciate more granular news inside their field. You can duly boost your reputation as an individual whose concerns cross industries, as well as elevate your brand identity inside your industry.

Myth #4: LinkedIn creates personal profiles and company profiles only

Truth: LinkedIn features discussion groups which have the highest ROI for leads. These discussion groups are searchable by industry and allow you to participate in conversations and post inventory relevant content in a relevant space. 96% of posts, in discussion groups, generated leads which resulted in up to 86% conversion rates.

Tip: Make sure inside these discussion groups to steer clear of promotional material and focus on providing valuable knowledge and opinion pieces.

Myth #5: B2B buyers don’t use it

Truth: Data from B2B social media management tool Oktopost indicates that over 80% of lead generation referred by social channels come from LinkedIn.

Tip: The most lucrative way to track leads on LinkedIn is by upgrading to the premium Sales Navigator Account which allows you to find and build relationships with prospects and customers through social selling

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Sarah Gallagher

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