New Year, Social Media Makeover

It seems like everyone is talking about resolutions right now. There are many articles out there on how to better yourself for the New Year, but instead of focusing on personal resolutions, we want to help you set resolutions that will help your business achieve social media success in 2017.

Here are 5 social media resolutions your business should consider adopting as we enter the New Year!

  1. We will dedicate time to managing our social presence. When many companies find themselves incredibly busy, they often begin to neglect social media management. We have been guilty of this in the past, and there were times when we were only updating social media whenever we found the time. However, consistent content and engagement are some of the most important aspects of developing a successful social presence. Be sure to not only develop a social media plan, but to also dedicate time to managing channels consistently. This includes setting aside time to plan and schedule posts, in addition to taking time everyday to check your channels and respond to comments or reviews. Incorporate these tasks into your calendar and stick to them this New Year!
  2. We will try to make more friends… on social media! Making friends can be tough, but for businesses on social media it can be particularly challenging. Have you ever felt a small burst of happiness when you’ve logged in and received a notification for several new followers on your page? Or when you’ve received a notification that a follower has liked, shared or commented on one of your posts? Well, you are not the only one who likes that feeling! Finding the time to follow or engage with other social profiles can be difficult, but if your business is not engaging with others then you are missing out on the ‘social’ aspect of social media! Make a commitment to grow your social profiles by following influencers in your industry and engaging with their content. Not only will this spread a bit of social cheer, but it will help keep your own company’s social pages engaged and active.  
  3. We will recycle more… by repurposing our own content! Content creation requires lots of dedicated time and effort. There is often a lot of effort that goes into every social media post, campaign or ad. It is nearly impossible to create all of your own content for your social channels 24/7. This is when ‘recycling’ comes into play. Think about bringing back some of your more successful posts or social campaigns. This strategy saves you time and lengthens the lifespan of your most successful content!
  4. We will try one new thing a month on our social channels. Try something new next year on your social channels. Fresh and surprising content keeps followers interested in your company. For example, try incorporating video or infographics if your social standard is usually only to post photos. When the content is unexpected, you will keep your followers highly engaged with your profile and they will come back for more!
  5. We will take the time to stay up to date on social media news. Social media is always changing. New features are released on platforms year long and often at random times. To keep your profiles optimized, be sure to stay up to date on new features and platforms. One easy way to do this is to set up a Google Alert for each of your social channels and for technology developments. You can change the settings to deliver a daily or weekly digest from Google that reports any news stories related to your set alerts. For help with Google alerts, check out this helpful link! Never miss a new feature on Facebook or an algorithm change again!

Repeat After Me…

We will dedicate time to managing our social presence.  

We will try to make more friends… on social media!

We will recycle more… by repurposing our own content!

We will try one new thing a month on our social channels.

We will take the time to stay up to date on social media news.

Which of these social media resolutions will your company adopt this New Year? Our goal is to adopt all five, but we know resolutions can be hard to keep. Do you already know your dealership won’t have the time to manage your social sites? You may want to consider GoSocial with Commercial Web Services! GoSocial is our social media management service that helps you save time and manages your dealership’s social media accounts. Want more info? Email us at marketing@commercialwebservices to find out more!


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