5 Things You Need to do to Attract and Retain Workers

Across the industry we’re seeing a labor shortage in a time where the construction industry should be flourishing. The industry is one of few that is having consistent growth in number of jobs and contracts, however the number of employees is dwindling. Below, we expand on Construction Equipment Guide’s article concerning how to both attract and retain qualified workers in the year ahead.

  • Provide Growth Opportunities: The younger generation coming in isn’t just looking for a job. They’re looking for the potential to grow their career with the company and need an understanding of what their pathway to professional growth looks like.
  • Make Direct Contact: Building relationships with potential employees will be a long-term benefit to you and your dealership. Even though younger generations are known for being focused on communicating through technology, having face time with these prospects during the recruitment process is a good representation of your business and could encourage prospects to recommend applying for positions at your dealership to others.
  • Provide Resources: Job seekers are looking for more than just a 9 to 5 job that provides only a paycheck. They’re looking for tools for sustained professional success and to work in a safe and positive environment. Be sure to highlight these areas of your business throughout the recruiting process.
  • Time Efforts Carefully: Target new employees at a younger age by highlighting opportunities in manufacturing and your workforce. These types of job seekers are eager to learn and enter the workforce. Being able to connect with them and potentially mold them into the type of employee you need through training and mentorship could be a huge asset to your dealership.
  • Build Stronger Connections: Don’t just reach out to any prospect. Your dealership needs to develop a plan to maximize its impact. Strategize around how you’re going to build your dealership’s presence among job seekers and the best avenue or platform to connect with them. Is it by posting on job websites like Monster or Indeed? Is it on LinkedIn or job fairs? Look at what area has been the most successful in hiring your top employees. Then look at ways to better connect with that community.
  • Be Authentic and Trustworthy: Transparency is a continued valued quality in companies for job seekers. Being open and honest with them in the hiring process is also a winning element.
  • Provide Tours: With many dealerships having extensive facilities, offer tours for potential employees, local students and community organizations. People might not necessarily be aware that your company is in their area, and this is a unique and fun way to get them in your door.
  • Use the Sales Team: Your sales people are an obvious asset to help sell a career at your dealership and to build interest around becoming an employee at your business. Use your sales staff’s biggest talent and have them assist you in finding the right people during your hiring process.
  • Employees as Recruiters: Building off Step #8, your employees are your built in brand ambassadors. Be sure to involve them in your effort to attract new talent. Ask them if they know someone who might be right for the job you’re trying to fill or if they’d like to attend some local networking events to help scope out some potential applicants.
  • Evaluate your current team: Take a look back at where your current team members came from. Did they come through similar recruitment funnels? Evaluate that and try and recreate the process.

Reevaluating your approach to recruiting and retaining your employees is essential in the market right now with the limited employee pool. Is there something you’ve done that’s helped boost employee applications or retention? Share in the comments below!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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