This New Chrome Extension Evaluates the Trustworthiness of Content

For 2018 we’ve seen a lot of predictions of how artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to grow and become more advanced. Technology’s ability to learn behavior and predict our future behavior may seem frightening, but it’s also given us the ability to become more efficient in analysis.

Proving these AI predictions right is a new Chrome extension called Unpartial. The extension has been released to better target articles’ trustworthiness. In a way, the extension could be considered a detection tool for “fake news,” but it isn’t meant to fact check or validate sources. Instead, the tool analyzes content 300 words or more based on certain rules. These rules include:

  • Whether the conclusion is too biased
  • If claims are backed up and make sense
  • Correctness of grammar
  • Density of facts
  • Presence of subjective statements

Rating categories Unpartial will give the article include:

  • “Seems Legit”
  • “Consider a More Reputable Source”
  • “Seems Sketchy”
  • “Super Shady”
  • “Fake News”

Unpartial was founded in 2016 by parent company Recognant, which develops artificial intelligence that is primarily used for natural language processing. For example, it’s been utilized by researchers to see how people are reacting to a TV series on social media in real time, as well as by cancer research organizations to scan medical journals and find alternative treatments based on responses to protein signals. It has also been used to determine which online ads were promoting human trafficking.

A great feature of Unpartial is that it’s more transparent than other similar technology. It gives you the results of its analysis so that you can see why a piece may have been flagged as untrustworthy. This includes it’s rating, the red flags, and a summary of the piece.

Additionally, in the process of developing the extension the company fed the system 10,000 articles that had been already rated by humans. The system matched the human ratings with an accuracy of 99%.

So what does this mean for you and your dealership?

While obviously not everyone will be installing this Chrome extension, it’s an important advancement in technology to pay attention to, especially in our current societal climate.

When writing the content for your website it’s important to take this type of criteria that technology will be looking at (specifically search engines) in the future to determine the type of content that will be prioritized to the first results page. Ensuring that your language isn’t biased or contains grammatical errors is vital for the wellbeing of your website.

This is particularly important if your dealership writes and posts blogs frequently. This is the area of the website where content could be considered most prevalent. As technology advances, it will quickly become more developed in monitoring content from websites. Making sure yours is clean, easy to read, and valuable to the visitor will be essential in keeping your dealership relevant and with a strong presence within search engines.


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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