Summer-ize Your Website and Sales

It’s Summer Time! Many dealerships have special types of equipment, attachments, implements or services that get heavier attention during the summer, but this can apply to any time of the year when the seasons and weather change.  Here are some tips on how to summer-ize (or winter-ize) your website:

– Add content to the website that is specific to the current or up upcoming seasonal inventory and customers.

– Update your Specials, New Products, Events, Service and other pages with Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter seasonal information like shows, discounts and services.

– Highlight the seasonal products and make them stand out with catchy images, summer/winter related content and information or by adding them to the website’s Featured Inventory rotator.

– Social Media – include promotions, product launches, reviews, graphics, videos and pictures on the company’s social media pages.

– Create a promotional event schedule.

– Collaborate with other departments, vendors or your manufacturers about promotions they have planned for the upcoming seasonal products and services.

– If you have seasonal products or services, consider setting up short-term SEO strategies, such as Pay-Per-Click campaigns, in order to attract customers at higher traffic times of the year.

Using these ideas to frequently update your website with the products that are in demand now can help increase your seasonal sales and customer base. Contact your website customer support or administrator for help with implementing these changes.


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