Follow Up with Your Customers for Increased Insight and Sales Opportunities

When a customer walks into your dealership, contacts you via your website, or calls you on the telephone, they do not want to be thought of as a statistic. They want to be given the attention they deserve and be treated as though they are the only customer you have.


By following up after the initial contact, it tells the customer that you are concerned with taking care of their needs and that THEIR business is important to you. Not only will they appreciate the phone call but this will be a clear message to them that they weren’t just another sale on your way to meeting your dealership’s daily/monthly/yearly goal. It may just be the beginning of a strong customer relationship.

Another reason to follow up with your customer is to find out how the new product is benefiting them, if they are satisfied or unsatisfied with the product, or if they need anything else. It is also an opportunity for your team to re-introduce features of the product that the customer may have forgotten about.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the product and the experience they have had with you and your company. Why? Simply because it is always good to get feedback, good or bad. This way you can correct anything that your customer was not happy with, learn from your mistake, and be sure not to let it happen again with your next customer.

If their feedback is negative it’s important to find out their reasons, be empathetic, and work diligently to resolve the problem the best you can.

After the initial contact with your customer, your dealership team was either able to close the sale or the customer has left their information with you as they were probably not interested or undecided.

If you did close the sale, by following up you may have the opportunity for an up-sell as you re-introduce features that during the sales process may have been too overwhelming for the customer to absorb. It may also be a good idea to ask for permission to go over some of your other products you believe they may be interested in. At the very least, you could ask the customer to subscribe to your newsletter or follow your dealership on Social Media for new product releases, specials, and dealership news.

If your customer left you still undecided, then use this opportunity to see if they have come to a decision. Find out what research they’ve done and see if you are able to combat those with why they should choose your product over a competitor. If they haven’t, ask if there is anything they would like you to go over again, or, if they thought of any more questions they would like to ask.

So follow up with your customers, by doing so, your chances of growing your business-to-customer relationship is much higher. The stronger the relationship, the more business, referrals, and testimonials you may be able to expect from them! For more information about our services contact us at marketing@commercialwebservices.com or comment below!


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