Your Marketing and the Customer Experience

The best experience for your customer to have when deciding about and making a purchase from your dealership.

Like most dealerships, you are probably trying multiple avenues to market your business and generate leads. Things such as TV, print and radio ads, direct mailings, email marketing campaigns, social media, online advertising, etc. all play a major role in getting the word out about your dealership and what you have going on. But did you know that they should all connect back to not only to your physical dealership but also what is on your website? Because afterall, your website is an extension of your brick-and-mortar dealership that is open 24/7, and should reflect that.

What does this mean though? And what should you be doing to get the most out of your marketing efforts?

Think about this scenario: As summer comes to end, and people start preparing for upcoming fall and winter storms, it is time to clear out the lawn mowers and bring forth the snow blowers and/or generators. You have already phased out all of the lawn mowers from the front of your store and replaced them with snow blowers and/or generators. Here’s what else you can be doing to market the changes in your business:

  • Place an ad in your local paper announcing winter storm preparation items are 15% off, directing  people to both your physical and virtual dealership.
  • Phase out those same lawn mowers on your website, and replace the featured inventory with snow blowers and/or generators.
  • Announce over your social business pages about the sale, winter storm safety tips, and how to be prepared in emergency articles. That way your followers, who may not get the newspaper, will know to come in to get a new snow blower and/or generator to help them prepare for the upcoming season.
  • Contact your SEO representative to adjust your keywords so that your website is optimized for people searching for snow blowers and/or generators.
  • Set up a PPC campaign to target keyword searches such as snow blowers and/or generators for your area, driving even more traffic to your virtual dealership.
  • Add content to your website, such as helpful tips for using or maintaining their new snow blower and/or generator, that drives the customer back to your website after a purchase.

All of your marketing efforts should connect with one another, helping you generate more traffic and leads across all channels with a coherent message. This doesn’t mean that for every print, tv, or radio ad you need to also place the same ads and messaging on your social business pages. It does mean though,  that your traditional marketing efforts should be represented in some way through your online marketing strategies, including your social business pages, SEO and your website, as they all play a part in the success your virtual dealership.

Over the next few months we are going to introduce you to some different marketing platforms and explain why we feel you should be using them to connect your messaging across all platforms, along with some best practices and tips to get the most out of them. Be sure to check back next week as we begin on discussion on why social media is a must for your dealership.


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