Common Facebook Questions Answered: Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

Facebook, Buying LikesFacebook has evolved over the years into a great marketing tool for businesses. However, as it changes, new questions come up for those of us using the platform to grow our Facebook presence and continue to engage with our customers. In this article, and subsequent articles around this topic, we hope to educate you on some commonly asked questions that we receive from dealers as it pertains to using Facebook as an extension of their online marketing efforts.

Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

We have heard this question a lot recently, so we felt that it was best to answer this question first. Buying Facebook Likes refers to paying a company to produce a certain amount of Likes for your page, increasing your total Likes significantly.  There are a lot of companies out there that offer this service, but before you decide to invest in this, here are a few things we want you to keep in mind:

    • Where are these Likes coming from? A majority of the time, these companies are using “fake” fans to like your page. Meaning the fan isn’t a real person, but their Facebook account exists. Occasionally you will have a real person, but there is no way for you to know if that person is even your ideal customer who has any interest in your company or products.
    • What happens to my current fans? If for some reason these bought fans are real people and start engaging with your page, they are going to be more interested in things such as pictures of dog’s driving construction equipment. You may even start to see your engagement rate increase. This is great, right? Not exactly. This will begin to alienate your real, true fans who are more interested in your dealership for the added value you bring to them, such as equipment safety tips, local happenings, and even the occasional inventory for sale. Your true fans who are more likely to convert will stop engaging with your page, and therefore will stop seeing your posts.
    • How does Facebook feel about Buying Likes? Facebook is against pages buying likes. If Facebook detects that your page has participated in this activity, it will disable the Like button for your page. This means you will no longer be able to receive new, genuine Likes until you appeal to Facebook to have it reinstated, which can be a long process. You can read more about how Facebook feels about buying likes by reading their blog.

Real Fans are the people that will eventually turn into paying customers. If you are paying for Likes, you aren’t doing anything to benefit your dealership’s bottom line. It’s a much better practice to increase your audience by posting authentic and engaging content, instead of buying likes.

Not sure on what content keeps your followers engaged and grows your fan base? Check out our previous article, Why Use Facebook?, for some tips!


Cherzel Bradley / January 31, 2015

If you buy Facebook likes you will gain more traffic to your page or channel thus increasing your fans. Second is to be more credible in the eyes of the viewer.

Lindsey Spears / February 2, 2015

Although your Facebook fans will increase, these fans are not necessarily authentic fans, meaning they are less likely to engage with your page or do business with you. It’s better to gain credibility by posting quality content that those who are your target customers would be interested in. Then, you will begin to see your engagement increase as well as your number of likes, and these people will be more likely to convert to customers.


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