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Facebook Ads Update: Now Easier To Reach Your Dealership

Last month we introduced to you the topic of Facebook Advertising and whether or not it’s something your dealership should consider trying. We know that Facebook ads are very effective at reaching target audiences, as our results from running them have been great. But now, Facebook is making it even easier for customers and prospects to contact you, making this advertising option a must for your dealership.

Facebook has a desire to help small businesses reach more customers in the most effective way. With this desire in mind, they launched the “Call Now” and “Get Directions” call-to-action buttons to their Local Awareness ad options. Customers will now be able to easily reach businesses directly from their mobile devices as they are checking Facebook status updates.

Why is this a big deal? Facebook reported in their 2015 1st Quarter Results that there are over 1.24 billion mobile active users per month, and of that, 581 million are mobile-only. Being able to reach such a huge audience and having the opportunity for them to directly contact you without leaving Facebook, can make a great impact on your dealership’s business.

So, how do these new buttons work? With the “Call Now” button, as users are visiting Facebook on the mobile app, a “Call Now” button will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the ad. Users can then click on it and their phone will automatically dial your dealership. The “Get Directions” button allows users to click and receive guidance from their phone directly to your dealership’s location. These buttons allow users to save time as they will no longer have to search for contact information, making it more likely for them to visit your dealership.

To learn more about these advertising options, please visit Facebook for Business. If you’ve tried out these new advertising options, we would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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