Learn How To Manage Your Social Media Sites In 30 Minutes

Okay let’s be real, it seems like every time we blink there’s a brand new social media site to learn, and if you’re limited on time it can be hard to manage them all effectively. So how do you maintain your social media without having to sacrifice your morning rituals? Routine people, it’s all in the routine, and lucky for you we have created a guide to help you manage all your social media in 30 minutes a day. So get ready, it’s go time.

But wait! Now I know you’re just dying to get started, but first it’s important to lay some groundwork. Before you start your 30 minute social media bombardment, it’s important to first organize yourself the night before. Create a folder where you gather and organize all of your pictures, graphics, events, etc so that you have a continuous pool of material to pull from in the morning. Notice the “continuous.” This is something you should keep up with 24/7 from here on out. Got it? Good. Let’s roll.

Social-Media-in-30-Minutes-Infographic_final (1)

Remember to do all of these in order every morning to ensure maximum productivity. Doesn’t it feel nice to be organized? On a final note, if you are ever struggling for interesting content for your business, here are some interesting sites you can refer to:






Sarah Eckenrode
The Lead Generation Trifecta | Commercial Web Services Blog / April 10, 2017

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