Natural Disasters Fast-Track Construction Trainees

We’re all aware of the severe toll natural disasters have taken across our country this year. Whether it’s been the devastating hurricanes or the horrific wildfires, there’s a strong need to rebuild following these events.

With the industry already experiencing a labor shortage, this demand has created unique opportunities for those looking to enter the construction workforce. Colleges like Lone Star College in Houston Texas have added and adjusted courses in response to the hurricanes. Lone Star added three-to six-week courses specifically centered around framing, drywalling, roofing and sheet-metal work.

These types of hands-on courses enable students to get into the workforce at a much quicker pace. Once the need for construction dies down again, these same students have the ability to return to school to complete their degree.

Another important component of the fast-tracked programs is that it allows flexibility based on the community’s need. For example, with Lone Star their courses were originally intended to increase energy and industrial construction training. However, since residential and commercial is in higher need, they were able to shift to that focus.

This also gives trainees real-life experience in the industry and can help them better determine where in the industry they enjoy working the most or whether they like working in the industry at all.

Other schools like the community colleges in Orlando or Valencia College have also created fast-tracked construction programs using mobile units that can deliver training to students that can’t necessarily commute to their campus.

Additionally, with an estimated 33,000 jobs being lost due to these natural disasters, the construction industry is one of the very few markets seeing growth.

Interested in learning more about how colleges are adjusting their courses for the industry? Engineering News Record has a great piece you can read here.


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