How to Write Website Copy Visitors Will Actually Read

Copy is king when it comes to connecting with your target customer, whether you realize it or not! Have you ever been searching for a particular service or product online, find a website, but can’t seem to tell whether the business has what you’re looking for? Isn’t that frustrating? Does it make you less inclined to do business with them?

Sure the website design is what grabs people’s attention and gives them a good first impression of your business, but the copy is what will help them decide whether to take the next step. It’s what helps your customer gain trust in you and feel comfortable working with you.

Here are some tips for writing engaging copy:

  • Determine Primary Need: Determine what the core need is for your customer. Shoppers make purchase decisions based on a product or service that addresses their core need. We’re assuming your customer’s need is a piece of equipment, but look deeper into why they need that equipment. Is it mostly private owners doing personal work, contractors or larger entities? Draft your language around those elements.
  • Copy Camouflage: Don’t write your website copy in a way so that it is obvious you’re just trying to make a sale. Write copy that is clear, concise, and repeatedly mentions their primary need. It needs to sound realistic and not over the top, for example, “The best piece of machinery in the world! It will change your entire business.” Also, be sure to use simple language that your customer will understand. Avoid all the business jargon and make sure your customer doesn’t have to decipher what you’re saying in order to reach the point.
  • Create Value: In statements throughout your website copy, be sure to focus on the value your customer will get out of doing business with you by purchasing your products. Highlight how the product or service will be a stronger asset to their work and how your dealership can ensure that. This kind of language also shows them what they could be missing out on if they don’t already have one of your products. Also, make sure the value is then actionable. Create “Call to Actions” within your website copy that direct the customer on what to do next in order to obtain this value. For example, email the dealership, call the dealership, request a quote, etc.

While sitting down to write the entirety of your website copy, keeping these three things in mind can help better guide you through the messaging you want included throughout. Hubspot has a great example of the power of good content. What’s helped you write you website copy? Leave your helpful hints in the comments below!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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