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How to Adjust Your Website to be a Recruiting Tool

Recently, we read a piece on Construction Executive about how you can enhance your website into a recruiting tool during this decades-old labor shortage the construction industry is facing. As online marketing professionals serving the equipment, trucking, and agriculture industries, we’re often focused on positioning our dealers’ websites competitively within the market. However, there’s a whole other side to their websites we’ve noticed dealers need help in addressing – how to make it their strongest recruiting tool.

The article we mentioned above has some great ideas on how you can do this, and we’ve come up with a few more! We think these additional ideas are definitely worthwhile to consider if your dealership is looking to grow its employee-base and is struggling to do so currently.

So without further ado, here are the top three areas we recommend focusing your effort to make your company’s website better at recruiting talent.


Be sure to not only throw in some personality on your careers page, but also feature it throughout other pages of the website as well. Make sure you’re not just highlighting the jobs and type of work you’re looking for someone to fill, but the culture you’ve worked hard to create and how you expect the prospect to fit into that mold, too. You can do this by adding a “Personality Qualifications” onto your job listings. An example of this could be something like:

We expect this individual to be high-energy, proactive and ready to collaborate with our team. It would also be an added bonus if they have a strong interest in college football.

Employee Testimonials

Most businesses feature customer testimonials to speak to the great work they’re doing, however very few feature employee testimonials. Job seekers want the same vote of confidence as any client would, so featuring positive comments from current or former employees about what they liked about the job, the atmosphere of the business and/or their teammates has the potential to create a lot of excitement for the applicant about working at your dealership.

While a bit more time-intensive, video is one of the best ways to feature these kinds of testimonials. Not only does it showcase the authenticity and genuineness of the individual, but it draws the job seeker in more and gives them a better idea of the company culture you’ve created.


It’s important you include a variety of buttons across your careers page. Firstly, it’s important to feature big and bold social media buttons to give job seekers an opportunity to do further research into your company by looking at updated social media. Social media oftentimes provides a lighter and more casual feel for your dealership and will also be a bigger asset in attracting the next generation.

Specific share buttons are also important. You can utilize your existing employees or even business acquaintances and urge them to look around your careers page in hopes of them thinking of someone they know that might be a fit for the job. Make it easy for them to share the job postings with individuals by creating buttons that automatically direct them to be able to email the posting to someone they know, or even share it to their LinkedIn profile so it expands the listing to their professional network.

It’s important to note that these buttons should contain Call to Actions that are more creative and strategic. Most businesses use content on buttons such as, “Click Here” or “Contact Us,” but think of ways to get more creative. You want to directly appeal to the job seeker’s mindset and emotions so test out buttons that say things like, “Join Our Team” or “Start Your Dream Job.”

With the current job seeker pool being less than satisfactory, finding ways to enhance your website to attract talent, not just customers, could make it one of your strongest recruiting tools yet!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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