Blogging for Business

Social media seems to be all the rage in today’s ever changing society. For years, word of mouth has seemed to be the best form of advertising, so why not “take it to the web” to see exactly what people are saying about your business? In an effort to humanize the business world in this day in age, many businesses are hopping on the bandwagon and starting their own corporate blog. However, with a blog, comes great responsibility.

Connecting with your audience and being the “real” you on your blog will definitely engage your readers and illicit a prompt response. Show your readers your passion, and you’re sure to receive theirs as well. Before you start to blog, spend time reading other blogs and commenting on those blogs and conversations before starting all new ones of your own.

When commenting on other topics, stay positive, and tactful; focus on keeping responses to the point and stick to the message given in the original topic. Also try not to sell your product or service-this should be saved for your website content. Read what others have to say in its entirety and add value to the conversation. This allows you an opportunity to gain trust and credibility with potential readers as a representative of your business and could lead to obtaining loyal customers in the long run.

In addition to connecting with your existing customers, blogging can also attract new customers. Your blog will increase the presence of your business online and add SEO power to your brand and business.

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