Email Marketing Basics

No matter what kind of business you run, it is a well known fact that much of ourpopulation today currently owns at least one email account. Have you ever thought about using email as a tool to generate revenue for your business? 3d postman with envelope and bag

Creating an email marketing campaign, and incorporating basic online marketing techniques into your daily operations could prove to be a valuable tool that can effectively save lost hours in your week, allowing you to focus on your main goal: building stronger businessrelationships with your customers. Using email provides a direct link to you; inviting your customers and (potential customers) to connect with you at any time.

If you are starting your own email campaign, or considering starting one soon, review these friendly tips to help you on your way:

  • Consider your audience.
    The message you are communicating should be simple and clear. Have a second pair of eyes proofread your content to make sure that it’s relevant and relatable. Include any pertinent contact information and always double check your links and phone numbers prior to sending your communication. Feel free to link to any social media outlets or your main and/or sister websites here as well.
  • Optimize for mobile.
    It is a fact that email is the coveted bridge between all electronic devices today. Email can be viewed virtually anywhere, and on just about any device. Always optimize your outgoing communications to be “cross compatible” over multiple devices so that your viewers won’t miss important communications.
  • Correspond consistently.
    When sending newsletters, be prepared to receive responses in the form of email questions, phone calls, or requests for contact. Have someone available to promptly respond to these requests. It might be a good idea to check your spam folder periodically to avoid missing important leads.
  • Personalize your email whenever you have the chance.
    In the past, studies have shown that is far easier, and less costly, to obtain repeat business than it is to generate new business. Send periodic emails outside of the standard newsletter or promotion to show appreciation for their business.  Keep in mind that nothing can solidify your business relationship more than a sincere and prompt response to any questions or concerns. Making yourself available outside of the sale will prove to be a staple in repeating sales.

Compliment your email marketing campaign with an updated website presence to enhance your customers browsing experience. Most email marketing campaigns also offer valuable tracking capabilities that can supply you with insight into how you can tailor your campaigns to meet your business needs. Use this information to spruce up your website content occasionally, and rake out any outdated information. Practicing positive email marketing techniques will soon become quick and easy, and will prove to be a valuable tool for your business.



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