Remarketing: Targeting those who've already shown interest in your dealership

website visitsToday’s customers behave differently. They take the time to research products and services before making a buying decision. In fact, based on a study Google and Clickstream BF02 conducted, 49%of users visit 2-4 websites before purchasing. This behavior makes it harder for businesses to capture website visitors and convert them to customers.  So, what can you do to stay in front of these potential customers after they have left your dealership’s website?

The answer is Remarketing.

Remarketing is the process of tagging people who visit your website and then attracting them after they leave with branded, targeted display ads as they search on other websites. It allows you to appear in front of people who already expressed an interest in your dealership as they go about their business on the web, such as checking email, reading the news, checking the weather,  watching a YouTube video, etc. Your dealership’s ads can appear on these different sites reminding them why they were interested in you in the first place.

According to Criteo, retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert than someone who has not been remarketed to. Why? People trust familiarity. Repetitive ads that follow your website visitors throughout their online experience helps to turn your dealership from an unfamiliar brand to a recognizable one, creating the trust you need for people to take action.

But, how does remarketing work?


Now that you know what remarketing is and how it works, you may wondering, “How does this benefit my dealership?”  Remarketing allows you to:

  1. Re-engage with lost prospects.
  2. Grow your brand awareness.
  3. Maximize the effectiveness of SEO and content marketing.
  4. Increase repeat visitor rates and engagement.

And remarketing has proven to be very successful for dealerships.

We conducted a pilot study of this service with a select group of dealers with the goal to increase return traffic in order to bring back a highly targeted potential customer. The pilot occurred over a 36 day period and the campaign was a success! In those 36 days, Northland JCB saw an increase of 28.6%, compared to the same 2 months in the prior year. Imagine what their results will be like after 1 year of using this service.

These results are great, but pairing remarketing with Pay-Per-Click yeilds even better results! By combining these two online marketing strategies, you will be able to:

  1. Attract new customers to your website.
  2. Market to those who have already visited your website to encourage repeat visits.
  3. Target customers who have shown interest and are more likely to convert.
  4. Increase brand awareness of your dealership as potential customers visit other sites.
  5. Tailor your online marketing based on seasonality.

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