Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, Social MediaLinkedIn’s unique value in the social media world is the fact that it was built with a focus on users utilizing their connections to develop a professional network, and allowing people to be more productive and successful. And they are accomplishing this goal everyday. As of April 2014, LinkedIn reported that there were over 300 million users worldwide on the platform, and these users want to connect with companies in order to enhance their professional decision making. In fact, your customers are also on the platform. For example, 40% of contractors visit LinkedIn daily. This makes LinkedIn a great resource for your dealership to connect with customers!

LinkedIn, Social MediaWith the needs of businesses and professionals in mind, LinkedIn offers great tools for businesses to create awareness of their products and/or services. Posting updates on your company page gives you an opportunity to generate new leads as you can link these updates back to your website. Company updates also allow for customers to interact with your dealership by liking, commenting and/or sharing your content, as well as posting testimonials and recommendations. These interactions are extremely valuable to your dealership as it grows your visibility, authority and trust.

Another reason to be on LinkedIn is that by having a page, people can begin to follow your dealership. This keeps them up to date with any company news, such as announcements of new locations, services and/or employees.

Also, those 300 million users are conducting searches through LinkedIn everyday, and without a presence there, you can’t be found. Use keywords and phrases that describe your dealership, expertise and industry in your company profile in order to show up in search results.

Here are some quick tricks to get the most out of your LinkedIn business page!

  • Post engaging content. Content that requires followers and/or users to interact with your updates creates a community around your dealership. Ask questions such as “When did you know you wanted to be a ____?” Fill in the blank with industry specific careers, and watch the conversation grow! You can also ask questions like “What was the greatest piece of advice you ever received?” or “What questions should contractors ask dealerships before purchasing?” The great thing about these types of questions is that it generates content for future status updates. Another way to be engaging is to show your dealership and its employees, a lot like Modern Group did on their page for Halloween!

LinkedIn, Social Media

  • Recruit new employees. As LinkedIn was created for users to develop a professional network, many job seekers are using LinkedIn to find employment. Why not take advantage of this and post your dealership’s openings on this platform? You can also search and reach out to users that you feel are qualified for your positions since user profiles read much like a resume. There is a fee associated with posting positions on LinkedIn, so be sure to check out their help center on this topic.

LinkedIn, Social Media

  • Incorporate visuals. Updates with images result in a 98% higher comment rate. Even better, YouTube videos usually result in a 75% higher share rate. (Sharing gets your content out to a larger audience!) Post new model walk-a-rounds, employee spotlights, and/or customer testimonials on YouTube, then share this content on your LinkedIn page too. YouTube links will play directly in the LinkedIn feed, and is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your dealership.
  • LinkedIn, Social MediaLinkedIn, Social Media Be personable, not pushy.  The old ways of marketing, where companies push advertisements, are one-sided and no longer applicable to today’s consumers. (See our Changing Marketing Landscape post for more information.) So don’t post overly promotional messages. Instead post informative, insightful and inspirational content. Instead of posting your new inventory all the time, update your followers on tips for storm preparation, how-to guides, and local events.

LinkedIn, Social Media Does your dealership have a LinkedIn page? If so, what successes have you seen with it? Not sure how to get started with a LinkedIn company page? Check out their LinkedIn for businesses section. And you can also find us on LinkedIn here!



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