Why Use Instagram?

Social MediaInstagram is a unique social platform for your dealership to be on because it is centered solely on image and video sharing. With 200 million active monthly users, and 60 million photos posted per day, Instagram has grown rapidly since its launch in 2010.  In fact, it is currently the fastest growing social media platform. However, there are very few commercial truck, equipment and/or agricultural businesses using it. That means there is a huge opportunity for your dealership to be one of the firsts in the industry and a step ahead of your competition.

The great thing aboutInstagram-2 Instagram is the mobility. All you need is a smartphone and the Instagram app, then you can begin posting images. From any where, at any time. It’s that simple. However, many feel that unless your business sells visual products, such as food, coffee, clothing, etc., that Instagram won’t work for you. We feel this is even more of an incentive to be on the platform and show off your creativity!

Here are some great tips for using Instagram for your dealership, as well as content creation ideas:

  • Optimize your bio. This will be your Instagram business card. If people like the photos you are posting, they are going to want to know more about your dealership. Be sure to include a profile pic, brief description of your company and a link back to your website. It’s also a good idea to have a phone number, email and dealership address so people know how to reach out to you without clicking off of Instagram.  Instagram, Social Media
  • Share other’s images.  Has another Instagrammer tagged your business in one of their photos? Share it! This will encourage others to post about your business, as well as show fan appreciation. Also be sure to like other’s images that you follow. It works both ways!

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  • Be personal. Show images of your dealership’s human side. Just have an employee appreciation event? Share images from it, like Ditch Witch of Oklahoma does. Did you encourage your employees to volunteer and give back to your local community? Share those images, too! Instagrammers love when companies care about their community.

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  • Try a photo contest. Create a brand-specific hashtag and contest guidelines, then encourage followers to post images with that hashtag in order to win something, such as a $100 gift certificate. This is a great way to incentivize users to share content that you can then reuse, not only on Instagram, but also your other social platforms.  Another bonus to photo contests is that as users post their photos in order to enter the contest, your reach will expand, at no expense to you, as their photos are then exposed to their followers.

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  • Promote your inventory and offers. We say this with some caution. Although Instagram is a great source for sharing images of your inventory and dealership offerings, sharing these types of images too often appears spammy and followers become less engaged. Instead of product pushing, consider showing a video demo of your equipment, your inventory in use out in the field, or behind-the-scene shots of your dealership. Another good idea is to post a “This or That?” photo. Take a pic of two models, place them side-by-side in your post and ask followers “This or That?” as to which model they like better. It showcases your inventory, but is also engaging! Instagram, Social Media

If your dealership has an Instagram profile, we would love to know for inspiration and future postings. Share your username in the comments below. And if you don’t have one, but have questions about getting started, please leave a comment and we will be happy to help!


Kelly Cameron/ Kelly's Color Studio / November 15, 2014

This is a great post. I’m not an Instagram user to date, however I’m thinking I should be. Thank you!


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