Here’s What to Look for on a Potential Employee’s Resumé

Here’s What to Look for on a Potential Employee’s Resumé

Last week on the blog we talked about a poll from Farm Equipment where individuals weighed in on what characteristic they found the most important when hiring a new employee. Going off the tune of that topic, we also saw a recent piece from Total Landscape Care that provided some insightful tips on what items to look out for when reviewing applicants’ resumés. Here’s what they suggest:

Too Many Jobs

If you see a long list of jobs in a short time frame, this could be a warning sign. It could mean that the individual has a hard time working in those particular types of environments, collaborating with other team members, or a long list of other potential reasons. Be sure to ask them why the numerous jobs and for examples of why they left the company. Another good indicator of whether the individual will be a good fit for the dealership is HOW they talk about those jobs and leaving them. If they’re bad mouthing the companies that is also a warning sign.


If you notice some discrepancies or later go to check on their references and things don’t seem to be adding up, this is definitely a warning sign! You don’t want to start off a relationship with a new hire with a lack of trust. A few years back, a website offering to create fake resumés received a decent amount of press coverage. So if something doesn’t seem right, go with your gut and move on to the next applicant.

Grammatical Mistakes

You want to make sure that your team is always on their A game and providing the most professional experience with your customers. Seeing things like grammar mistakes on someone’s resumé could be an indicator that they may lack attention to detail. In arguably one of the most important ways for someone to position him/herself to get a job, if there are multiple grammar mistakes it shows he/she didn’t take the time to give it another lookover or have someone else give it a lookover. Think about what this says about the way he/she feels about the job opportunity.

Hiring during this labor shortage throughout the industry can be difficult, and the number of applicants can seem as if they’re dwindling, but remind yourself that hiring the wrong person could be more of detriment to the dealership than having no one at all.

What are some of the other warning signs you’ve seen on resumés or in interviews with job applicants you think are important for people to consider? Leave them in the comments below!


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