New Authorization for Facebook Page Managers

New Authorization for Facebook Page Managers

Facebook recently rolled out a new process for Facebook Page Managers in order to obtain better transparency and monitoring of business pages posing as credible sources. So what is this new process and how does it affect your dealership’s Facebook page administrator? We have the answers.

Facebook is now asking the Page Administrators of larger pages to go through an authorization process that includes two-factor authentication and the primary country locations that the page is being run from. This clearly comes on the heels of the data breaches and finding of other countries’ attempt to sway opinion on critical issues contributing to our national elections. Facebook even recently shut down hundreds of Facebook pages labeled as malicious accounts.

So while we aren’t concerned about this necessarily applying to our dealers’ business pages, we do want you to have the tools and information should your account be selected. According to this article from Social Media Today, an alert or notification will be posted to the page only Page Administrators will be able to see, asking them to authorize the account. It will look something like this:

Facebook Page Admin Authorization-1

The important thing to note here is that the process NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY THE DEADLINE OR YOU WILL LOSE ABILITY TO POST AS THE PAGE.

Basically, Facebook wants to better prevent pages masking themselves as credible sources, from spreading false information and going through this process will provide an extra layer of security to ensure that. The piece by Social Media Today goes into a bit more depth if you’re looking for more information.

Other elements Facebook is adding to the page to allow for more transparency is the users’ ability to look up a page’s history. An example of this is how often the page has changed its name, as pictured in the image below. The image also showcases another feature that will show users the countries in which the page is being managed from.

Facebook Page Admin Authorization-2

Announced in October 2017 and seemingly launched in June 2018, users are also able to view all the ads that a page is running in a section of the business page for even greater transparency.

We want you to know that these changes are customary for Facebook now and are likely just the beginning of a lot of business page changes we’ll see as Facebook adapts to demand for greater transparency and protection.

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