The Gift That Keeps Giving: Our Favorite Acts of Kindness in 2018

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Our Favorite Acts of Kindness in 2018

This time of year is filled with the theme of giving to others and reflecting back on the past year. We also start to think about what inspires us to be better in the New Year, which is where our New Year’s resolutions often come into play.

We here at Commercial Web Services, took a look back at some of the most inspirational stories within the industry from the past year to remind ourselves of how much this industry continues to give and make communities even the littlest bit better to live in.

Bobcat’s Baseball Field

One story that caught our eye from earlier in the year was that manufacturer, Bobcat, agreed to donate approximately five acres of land to Gwinner, North Dakota. What was the land to be used by the city for? A baseball field to benefit countless families and children within the community. The city also planned to use the rest of the donated land, which is already adjacent to the Gwinner City Park, for a new pool, parking lot, and camping area. All being estimated to be developed over the course of the next eight years. What better way to get involved in the surrounding community than creating a place for them and their families to enjoy within their neighborhood?

Paving for Pizza

Domino’s Pizza launched an incredible campaign this past year that highlights the fact that potholes can be a detriment to good pizza during the delivery process. They took this idea and created an initiative that would not only benefit the pizza chain, but more importantly the communities they became involved in helping. The premise for the campaign asked customers to nominate their town via the Paving for Pizza website in order to be selected to receive money towards fixing their roadways. Just check out their advertisement below!

John Deere’s Hurricane Relief

This particular year has seen an unfortunate amount of devastating hurricanes among other natural disasters. While the horrific experiences have left the nation, and even world, in shock, it’s important to recognize the positive reactions and community that’s come together to support those in need.

While hurricane coverage may only be in the news cycle for a week or two, the communities are still feeling the effects. The equipment industry is typically at the forefront of these devastated communities in order to help them rebuild homes and oftentimes lives.

This recent piece showcased how John Deere and Beard Equipment are continuing to work on rebuilding areas in the Florida Panhandle by donating the use of a John Deere backhoe to four local counties and municipalities. Their recognition of recovery efforts and what’s needed to work more efficiently to get the community back to a new normal is admirable and inspirational! Way to step up!

We saw a clear theme amongst the stories we found the most inspirational within the industry from 2018. It was all about how various organizations gave back to their surrounding communities and what a perfect theme for the holiday season!

What are some of the inspirational stories you’ve heard throughout the industry? Do you have a favorite? Definitely share them with us in the comments below!


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