What You Need to Know About Facebook's Live Video for Sellers

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Live Video for Sellers

Recently on Social Media Today, there have been some murmurings of Facebook testing out a new feature that would not only be great for business pages, but also particularly beneficial for companies actively trying to sell product on their business pages. After Facebook’s launch of the Marketplace side of their platform, it’s evident that Facebook is dipping its toe in the ecommerce realm. If you aren’t familiar with Facebook’s Marketplace, it’s most easily described as an online marketplace where people within the same area can buy, sell, or trade items. This sub-section of the social media platform currently allows users to browse for-sale items by category and/or location.

You also may have noticed earlier this year that Facebook started putting a “Shop” tab on business pages where applicable. Meaning that if a business has products they sell, the company can post them directly to the Shop tab of their Facebook page for followers to buy. The social media giant is clearly trying to make a path for itself into the ecommerce space. So what does this new feature add to that?

This new feature that people have spotted Facebook testing, enables Pages to showcase product within their Facebook Live stream, which viewers can then indicate intent to purchase via screenshotting the product. Marketers are saying that this feature will help companies more quickly close sales by connecting with viewers that want to purchase items in real-time.

Facebook Live has had a strong history of being overwhelmingly successful for brand pages. The feature has a lot of engagement benefits with the ability to interact with those tuned into your Live video instantly. It also notifies your followers when you’re going live, ensuring that everyone gets a notification about your business. Don’t believe that this could benefit your dealership? Just check out how these agriculture dealers have benefitted from it!

As more and more platforms open up to ecommerce capabilities, there will be increased chances for your dealership to sell its product and get in front of an even wider pool of prospects.

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