This is the Future of Website Design

This is the Future of Website Design

With all of technology’s new flashy capabilities, marketers have been keeping an eye on the future of websites, more particularly their design and setup. Did you know, that according to some PEW Research Center data, 39% of Americans report they’re online almost constantly. Additionally, PEW found that 20% of American households contain more than 10 internet-connected devices.

This piece from The Guardian projects that the internet will account for 20% of the energy consumed on the planet by 2025! So as we read through some articles about what exactly the future is for website design, some pieces, like this one from Fast Company, are following the progress of website creation that’s more energy-efficient in creative ways, even utilizing technology approaches from the 90s to achieve this!

With all the different types of features being placed on websites these days, it’s weighed websites down and decreased their load time, something we’ve written about being detrimental in the past. So what are some ways website design is going to shift?

  • Clean and Simple: Instead of all the fancy features, we project that we’re going to start seeing more clean and minimalistic website design. With people being so inundated with information these days, it could be refreshing for a user to see less and see companies focus on the core content that’s important. It could also help streamline the customer’s path to purchase if you have a simple flow throughout your website.
  • More Visual Content: We’ve written a lot about making your content more visual and how this attracts and keeps consumers engaged more. We’re going to continue to see this on websites so stop and think about how you could shift away from more text-heavy sections on your website. For example, if your About page on your website is paragraphs of the history of how it started and where it’s come from, consider creating an infographic-like timeline to make it more fun for the prospect to follow. It’s an easy way to highlight the more momentous times you’d like to stand out too.
  • More Customer Focus: While most company websites are meant to showcase the business and its services, you’ll find that writing content in a way that speaks more to the customers needs will be the focus. An example we once saw used was a lawncare company’s homepage where they shifted from a more generic phrase to “Be the envy of the neighborhood.” This didn’t just draw from a service need, but rather related to a greater desire for the customer. Another related change has been among Call to Action buttons. Instead of something like “Contact Us” or “Learn More,” consider changing to a more specific direction like “Schedule a Cut Today.”  

It’s important for dealers to keep on top of the latest website trends to ensure their website is up to standards and attracting and retaining customers. Having doubts about whether your website is up-to-date? Contact us to talk about a redesign at!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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